It's been a week since the new baby giraffe was born at the Dallas Zoo, and unlike most babies, this one is still without a name. You can help change that, though.

The baby female giraffe was born on the Internet on April 10, as Animal Planet streamed the labor and birth live around the world.

Thousands tuned in as it was happening, and thousands more watched the birth video afterward. Animal Planet's website has gotten 2.3 million hits in the past week. As a woman who has given birth, let me just say I'm glad I didn't have a giraffe!

The Dallas Zoo is giving us these choices to name the baby calf, and we can vote through next Thursday at

Adia (uh-DEE'-uh) means "a gift."
Kanzi (KAHN'-zee) means "a treasure."
Kipenzi (kuh-PEN'-zee) means "loved one."

The Zoo is also encouraging that people make donations to help threatened wildlife in Africa.

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