I’m not sure how parents are able to juggle everything, I don’t have kids and I am in awe of how parents are able to make everything happen. Life can be difficult and exhausting without having kids, hey parents, pat yourself on the back. But when parents need a night away, just a break from the kids. What is a reasonable rate to hire a babysitter in East Texas in 2023? 

Underpaying someone is not acceptable, whether it’s family or not. You need to compensate people for their time but what is acceptable. Minimum wage in the state of Texas is $7.25 per hour but if you’re paying someone to watch your kids you know that amount is not going to get anyone.  

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What Does Google Say is a Good Amount to Pay a Babysitter 

It seems like we go to Google for most questions we have and when I asked the search engine about the cost of a babysitter in Texas in 2023 the answer was approximately $13.17 per hour as a reasonable rate of pay for watching one child. That amount actually came from Nanny Lane, if you look at Smart Parent Advice they suggest $16 per hour. The price is going to depend on how many kids, the ages of the kids, the skill level needed, and the amount of time you’re requesting from the sitter. 

Childcare is Expensive 

Plain and simple, if you want quality childcare it’s going to cost you. We want to hear from you, what do you pay your babysitter? 

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