Just like humans, our cars need to be taken care of. Some people are "do-it-themselves" type owners, and would rather do a quick fixer-up instead of going and spending a ton of money. But for those of us who are not car savvy and fail when it comes to keeping our cars in tip-top condition, we take it to people to do it for us. We asked around and found out where our staff members take their cars when they need a doctor's visit.

  • 23hq.com/ciberado, flickr
    23hq.com/ciberado, flickr

    Jeff Goes Straight To The Pros..

    I like to support local business, so when I need my car inspected I go to Donnybrook Automotive (behind the big cemetery on Broadway – Across from the Azalea Post office). And if I need to get my oil changed I head on over to my boys at Peltier. They get you in and out in no time. The only people I trust with my car issues is Medder’s Automotive in Lindale. The only place I go to when I need tires is Discount Tires in Tyler, those guys are pros. And as far as a car wash goes.. if you looked at my jeep, you would know I don't even know what a clean car is.

  • Matthew Burpee, Flickr
    Matthew Burpee, Flickr

    Lucky Goes To The People Who Know Best..

    Like Jeff, I get my car inspected at Donnybrook Automotive and oil changed at Peltier, and I head over to Discount Tires when I need my tires done. And my truck is kept sparkling clean with nothing but my water hose, my driveway, my water, and my sweat.

  • Jazzybam, Flickr
    Jazzybam, Flickr

    Amy Shows Love To The Locals..

    Why does it seem that my car’s inspection sticker always expires at the most inopportune time? It just seems a ‘pain’ to take the time out to do it! But since I found Rusty’s Car Inspection on Troup Hwy in Tyler, I don’t mind as much because Rusty gets you in and out in a flash! Now as far as my oil change, I use Super Lube. They have several locations in Tyler and I trust them to do the job right. Be vigilant about your oil changes, it really extends the life of your car! New tires, I would have to recommend Billings Tire on Grande.

  • allen_jeremy2002, Flickr
    allen_jeremy2002, Flickr

    Baby J Goes Where She Can Get The Best Deal..

    Working all day and being a new mommy, I take my car to get inspected wherever is open after work. And I've got a good hubby at home who changes my oil for me. If my car is having issues, I drive across town to the hood. I can get a good deal for a few packs of cigs or beer! When my car needs a good washing, I go to that car wash on South Broadway (where the guys are waving towels in the air)…. Derrick hooks a sista up! And if my car needs new tires, I go over to Tiremax. They are the only place in town that carries my racing tires.

  • nalilo, Flickr
    nalilo, Flickr

    Buddy Gets It All Done At One Place..

    If I need tires I go to Gateway Tires, I also get my oil changed there because every time I do they rotate my tires for free. Double whammy! I clean my truck and keep it lookin' pretty by washing it in the driveway with soap, water and a little bit of elbow grease.

  • dronir, Flickr
    dronir, Flickr

    Marcie Goes To The Friendly People..

    I really don’t like doing anything involving my car as I usually get treat like a “silly woman.” I have found a place in Mineola that never rolls their eyes when I pull up to get my oil changed or my inspection for my car. The great guys at Mr. D’s 10 Minute Oil Change (903-569-6141) tolerate my lack of knowledge. My kids do a great job of detailing and washing my car – someone wants some extra spending money and I believe in having them earn their money there are no free rides in life. The good people at Tire Max in Tyler always help me pick out tires that match my car’s requirements – I really like that they explain the difference in the tires. If I have questions about my car I ask Gunny – one of our great Account Executives – he breaks down what the problem is and what I need to do to fix the issue. (For example my car wasn’t turning over really quickly when I started it. Gunny told me to get a “Load Test” on my battery and sure enough that was the issue. I bought a new battery – called in a favor from another friend to have it installed and my car is purring like a little kitten.)

  • lucasautocare, flickr
    lucasautocare, flickr

    Stephanie Goes Where She Can Save The Most Money..

    When I need to get my oil changed, I go straight to Allen Samuels. $9.99 for an oil change?! Can I get a WHA WHAT! If I have any issues with my truck I go to my stepdad first. He always seems to know more than the people at the shops do! As far as a car wash, I go to a little place called "THE DO IT YOURSELF" car wash.(Clearly, it's been a while since my truck has seen that place, I will be taking him today) And if my truck needs new tires, I will HANDS DOWN go to Bill Day Tires in Tyler. They are the BOMB.COM!

  • altfelix11, Flickr
    altfelix11, Flickr

    Leslie Goes Where Her Dad Says..

    When it comes to my car, I know nothing. If anything is wrong with my car, I call my dad and he tells me where to take it and who to ask for. He knows everyone and knows who will do the best job and get the work done. However, I just got a Volkswagon and Crown Kia is the only place in Tyler who fixes Volkswagons. I go there for everything! To get my car washed, I either recruit my siblings, because when you're young, its fun. But I usually go to one of the $5 car washes either on the Loop or Broadway. $5 for a car wash and a free vacuum? Yes please.