We've all been there - you read that invitation asking you to attend a Dirty Santa party, but now you've got to come up with a brilliant gift idea. Well, you can worry a little less after reading this list.Dirty Santa. White Elephant. Yankee Swap. Whatever you want to call this traditional Christmas game, it's essentially guaranteed to be hilariously fun. We all have those friends who just always find the perfect gift to throw in the mix...or sometimes the gift that no one wants to take home with them.

Now this is where we come in...best gift ideas for this year's game of Dirty Santa.


You really can't go wrong with a good bottle of alcohol. Get creative and buy something fun. Plus, if you want to be the popular gift giver, alcohol will create quite the buzz. So grab a bottle of wine, a fifth of your favorite holiday drink or a case of beer and watch all of your friends fight for your gift.

Autographed Head Shot

I mean, if they're really your friends they would love a mugshot of you, right? Well even if they don't keep the photo, the frame would make a nice gift! Beware though, if you do this one, I would recommend picking a nicer frame for your friends.

Crude Gag Gifts

 For those of you who are embracing the "dirty" part of the Dirty Santa game, you might want to check out prankplace.com or getgags.com. With all kinds of humorous gifts to give, you'll be sure to find a good gag for your game this year.

As Seen On TV

We've all seen the commercials and thought to ourselves, "Who on Earth would buy such a silly product?" Well, you might be the one buying the bizarre inventions that make it on infomercials. Throw some Pajama Jeans or a Cat's Meow in a gift bag, and you'll have a great gift!

Have any other great ideas? We wanna hear them!