Additional proof that everything is better dipped in chocolate.

Better Made chocolate covered potato chips are now available. I don't find this combination odd at all, I don't think most people will. Sweet and salty is nothing new in the world of snacks. Better Made describes this tasty treat as 'new and improved'. I don't know how long these chocolate covered chips have been around, but I do not remember seeing them in years past. Do you? If so, have you tried them, and did you like them?

Like everything else in life, these chips will only be available while supplies last. Duh. The going rate is $10.99, and you can order online here. They come in a tin so that is kind of cool. You can keep your weed in the tin after you eat the chips. It's a win win.

I can't help but wonder what other foods would be good dipped in chocolate? For some reason a pickle comes to mind. Now I sound like I am on the weed. I guess just about anything can be dipped in chocolate. Except for pizza, that does not sound very good.

If you are a fan of Better Made products, you may want to check out their website. They actually offers some sweet deals on chips in bulk. You can stock up for your next Detroit Lions homegating party (get it, like tailgating but at home) or for the holidays. You can be all of that, and a bag of chips.

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