We all know that working in food service is difficult, especially with all of the challenges over the past two years. Which has made companies make drastic changes to keep it's doors open. This includes local businesses and national chains, everyone has been affected. But recently there was a staff member at the Denny's in Jacksonville, Texas that went to social media to ask locals to write corporate before they make drastic changes to their restaurant.

Obviously, when it comes to running a business it's all about profits and losses. And currently the Denny's restaurant in Jacksonville has a bar as part of the restaurant and corporate is thinking that removing that will open more room for the dining room and could improve revenue numbers. But not everyone on the staff thinks this is a good idea and corporate doesn't seem to be listening so you might be able to help.

You're Being Asked to Write Denny's Corporate Team

The staff member that spoke up on social media mentioned that the corporate team is much more likely to react when hearing from Jacksonville locals about what they want. I'm not certain that a big company like this would change their mind on a decision like this, but if you like the bar at the Denny's now is the time to contact the corporate team by clicking here.

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This Type of Thing Shows the Staff Truly Cares

The corporate team at Denny's really should be applauding the staff for speaking up about issues like this. They are just trying to best serve the community while asking for feedback to continue giving locals what they want.

If nothing else, hopefully this helps continue the conversation on what's best for the staff and customers. Because if the staff isn't heard soon it won't be long until they find other another restaurant to work for.

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