With his newest album, Red River Blue, Blake Shelton forays into territory which he has never been in before - Number 1 atop the Billboard sales chart! More details after the jump.

Blake's hit album sold 116,000 copies its first week in the stores, skyrocketing it to the top of the Billboard sales chart. However, this is not a one hit wonder; this entire recent rush of publicity for Blake - being a judge on the show "The Voice", his wedding to Miranda Lambert, and his fastest rising single ever, "Honey Bee" - have all built upon his ten year career in music and have produced a powerful country album regarded by many critics as a standout performance under the public spotlight that has been so focused on him these past few weeks. Don't forget to enter our "Blake Shelton Concert Getaway" contest we have going on -- click here to enter (GOOD LUCK).

A Taste of Country gives the album a five star rating, applauding the song selection and how it fits his voice, especially the title track of the album, "Red River Blue". It is a woeful ballad, detailing the romance of a Texan girl and an Oklahoman guy - written by his good friend Buddy Owens. Here is an interview about the hit song below!

Blake's newest album is a can't-miss country hit this year. Go out and get your copy today!