Texas plus Blue Bell Ice Cream equals summer time deliciousness. The ice cream king has brought back a popular flavor and added a partner.

Blue Bell is bringing back their Groom's Cake ice cream. Introduced in 2009, the ice cream contains chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake pieces, chocolate coated strawberry hearts, swirls of strawberry sauce and chocolate icing.

When there's a groom, there has to be a bride.

The new Bride's Cake ice cream is coming down the aisle. She is an almond ice cream, white cake pieces with an amaretto cream cheese icing swirl.

I'd put money down that at several weddings this year, both cakes will be made entirely of each of these ice creams. And, it would also be good in a cone. Some of us at the studio including Mandee Montana taste tested both flavors. Ironically, the guys liked the Bride's Cake and the ladies voted for the Groom's.

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