Blue Bell has been on point the last few months with their flavors. We got to see the return of four favorite flavors around Christmas time. We then got a returning favorite to start 2023 in Tin Roof. Blue Bell just dropped a new announcement around lunch time today (January 19) of another returning flavor that hasn't been around in a while with the twist of it being based on a Blue Bell family recipe.

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Banana Pudding is Soooo Good

There are not many who don't love a good banana pudding. Personally, I love to have a lot of vanilla wafers in mine. There is something about the mix of the vanilla flavor with the bananas that is just magic. I've never attempted to make my own but I'm sure I can find a recipe somewhere pretty easily.

Blue Bell's Latest Announcement

Usually, Blue Bell likes to start a day with a flavor announcement. This time, however, they dropped this surprise on us around lunch time. Makes sense as you probably had this for dessert, Banana Pudding.

Dude, this sounds pretty much perfect. Being that its based a Blue Bell family recipe, I'm betting that it has a flavor like none of us have had before. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

The perfect after-dinner dessert! Our Banana Pudding Ice Cream is a delicious banana ice cream perfectly blended together with whipped topping and vanilla wafers. Inspired by a Blue Bell family recipe! Available in the half gallon size. - Blue Bell

It is available right now for you to pick up on your way home from work or this weekend to enjoy during movie night with the family. It only mentions that it's available in half gallon but the picture does show a pint size. Look for both the next time you stop at your favorite grocery store's freezer.

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