A drink on many East Texas tables this holiday is eggnog. It's an interesting drink that's milky, sweet and when a certain adult spirit is added, it can really turn that ugly sweater party into a good time. The creative folks over at Blue Bell decided to take that sweet holiday drink and turn it into a frozen treat that's available right now to be put in your freezer.

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Later this week, we'll be sitting at a large table with our close and extended family to enjoy some time catching up, watching football and eating way toooooooo much. And what's great about living in the South is that Thanksgiving can almost feel like an early spring day, cool in the morning but a very comfortable warmth by the afternoon. That comfortable warmth makes having a bowl of ice cream not that unusual for dessert after all that turkey.

Looking at the forecast for this Thanksgiving in East Texas, there seems to be a pretty good chance of rain but with a comfortable, but cool, 65 as the high. That won't stop us from having a warm piece of apple pie with a scoop or two of ice cream on top. Apple pie plus a scoop or two of that eggnog flavor could be pretty epic.

Ice cream is really a year round treat for us in East Texas, probably why that new Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake Ice Cream is so hard to find right now. We managed to try it a couple weeks ago but since, I haven't seen a single pint anywhere.

We don't have to sell anyone on Blue Bell in East Texas, whether it's this new flavor, or any other, it'll be a dessert on just about everyone's table this Thanksgiving.

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