Most of us spend our workday staring at a computer screen. After a couple of hours, we have to step away for a moment because it feels like our eyes are about to fall out on our desk. That strain is due in part to the blue light emitting from the screen your looking at. That's where the invention of blue light glasses helps out. They help reduce the amount of blue light coming from your screen reducing the eye strain and even protecting your eyes.

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So what is blue light? Blue light is naturally produced from the sun. But there is also the man made blue light that comes from our computer monitors, tablets, cell phones, TV's and other digital devices. While the sun gives us the majority of our blue light exposure, the man made blue light has many eye doctors concerned that there could possibly be some damaging effects to our eyes.

Our eyes have a natural barrier when it comes to UV radiation, the most damaging element to our eyesight. However, there is no natural barrier to blue light. That unfiltered light gets straight to our retina and could damage the light sensitive cells leading to macular degeneration which can lead to blindness. Having said all that, studies are still ongoing as to the overall effects of blue light on our eyes.

The reason for the eye strain when we've been looking at a screen for a while is because blue light scatters more easily to other visible light. This unfocused light causes visual "noise" that makes the eyes tired.

Does this mean that blue light is bad for us? No. Natural blue light is very good for our eye health and our overall health. It helps with our alertness, our memory and our mood. The blue light that is bad for us is from long term use of our digital devices.

I haven't used these glasses for very long but the first time I put them on, I saw a huge difference looking at my computer monitor. I will continue to use them. Pick up a pair and give them a try for yourself.

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