For the last couple of months we've been keeping you updated on the Brown family of Gladewater. The inspiring story of the soldier who came home to a newborn and his wife in a coma has touched people nationwide, with almost 800K Facebook fans. Well some very special folks heard that the family was fans of theirs, and sprung into action.

Baby John 'stated' on his Facebook page a few weeks ago that he and his daddy were curled up watching a 'Duck Dynasty' marathon. Well, within hours of the post Willie Robertson and the entire Robertson clan had heard of the story and the families love for the show, and wrote the family sending their well wishes.

Well this last Saturday, the Robertson wives and children packed up and drove 4 hours up to Shreveport to visit Sean, Heather, and baby John. They visited them at the Shreveport facility where Heather is healing. They prayed with the family over Heather, chatted with Sean, and hugged and kissed all over Baby John. Korrie Robertson poster on her Twitter about the visit:

@bosshogswife: It was an honor to be able to spend time with the precious Brown family today. Please keep them in your prayers!! #BringingHomeTheBrowns

Heather is still currently in a coma but is making progress every day. Sean and the baby travel a few days a week to visit their Sleeping Beauty. Catch Willie, Si, and the wives on new episodes of 'Duck Dynasty' Wednesdays on A&E.


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