Before we even begin this conversation, just like so many other in East Texas I'm a fan of Patrick and Brittany Mahomes. Not only because they have have an amazing story from East Texas but they genuinely seem like great people. While I haven't met either of them personally, I'm also a big fan of their dogs Steel and Silver (@steel_silver_mahomes) who have their own Instagram and I suggest you give them a follow. But this past week the KC Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes struggled against a very good Buffalo Bills football team and Brittany was vocal on social media that many people are calling a bad look for such a successful person and wife of an NFL star. So, do you think it's time for Brittany Mahomes to stop jumping on social media when the Chiefs are struggling?

This week isn't the first time Brittany has been unhappy and vocal on social media about Chiefs game, including last year after the Chiefs lost the Super Bowl. At the same time, if anyone of us were in the same spot I'm sure it would be difficult to stay quiet when our loved one was in the same situation.

What Was So Bad That People Are Talking About Brittany Mahomes' Twitter

Brittany didn't use any foul language, but she did mention that as a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs she feels like the referees always seem to be against her favorite team. There was another Chiefs fan who decided to tweet back to her saying she needs to stop. Brittany then said, "In the nicest possible way... Shut Up". And when the wife of one of the best QB's in the NFL says shut up to a fan, it becomes news.

It's Not Easy Being Brittany Mahomes

While it's easy to call out Brittany for her comment on social media, her every move is open for people to critique. It's not an easy position to be in.

I have the tweets for you below... do you think Brittany Mahomes should stop using social media during football games?

Brittany Mahomes Gets Heated on Twitter During Chiefs Game

Here are a few tweets recently from Brittany Mahomes defending her husband Patrick Mahomes and his team the Kansas City Chiefs.

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