It's always easy to talk bad about folks, and let's be honest, it can be more fun too. But you still need to give folks their due, and Whitehouse, TX native Brittany Mahomes has turned to social media to help out teachers in Lubbock, TX, and her newest home in Kansas City, MO.

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Mahomes, the wife of NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes, has fallen victim to perhaps more than her fair share of internet roasting, so we thought it'd be nice to point something good that the young mom, entrepreneur, and former soccer standout is doing.

“I encourage you to just click on one of these wish lists and help these teachers out. They deserve it.” she tweeted on Monday.

Mrs. Patrick Mahomes asked teachers to reply to one of her tweets with their classroom wish lists. If you pull up her Twitter account right now you'll see that she has retweeted dozens of teachers who are looking for a little help heading into the school year.

It's become common for celebrities to help clear teachers school supplies list, but no less important. The fact that our teachers have to turn to wish lists to get what they need to teach our kids is shameful.

Mahomes' original tweet got several retweets and likes. and to help find donors, Brittany Mahomes also retweeted several replies to her 270,000 Twitter followers.

And if you missed the happy news, the Mahomes are expecting baby #2.

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