The Police Department in Kilgore, Texas is currently seeking the public's assistance in identifying the person in the video which shows an incident that occurred at a local business in the City of Kilgore.

Do you recognize the individual in the photos below? Or the video (also below?)

It was 3:50 a.m. in the morning of March 3 of this year when this burglary incident took place at Smoke N Puffs located at 700 U.S. 259 BUS in Kilgore, Texas. Although we don't see a direct shot of the individual's face, honestly the footage captured by the surveillance cameras is better than much of what we've seen taken at other businesses around East Texas.

Take a look at this photo. You'll get a better view of the suspect when you watch the video, which starts in black and white, and then we get a different angle in full color.

Screenshot from Kilgore, TX Police Video
Screenshot from Kilgore, TX Police Video

Do you recognize this person or have any information regarding the burglary that took place at a Kilgore, Texas business?

As you can see, the suspect is wearing a hoodie and appears to be a caucasian male--granted, that's speculation based on the limited view we have here. It looks like they came through one of the front windows and began swiping things off of shelves.

Here's the video:

People who commented on the original post shared by the Kilgore Police Department offered their opinions regarding the video. Some speculated that perhaps the individual is a "dope head." Their words, not ours. Others suggested it looks as if the suspect knew the place to some extent and knew exactly what they were looking for.

Whatever the case, it was a crime. And if you can help the Kilgore Police in identifying the suspect, they ask you to contact "Detective Justin Murphy at 903-218-6904 or, reference case number 2303-0156. All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law."

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