While there are thousands of businesses to visit in Texas every day there is something different, something special about going to Trade Days in Canton, Texas. Most people already know about Trade Days and all the fun that you can have as you spend hours and hours looking through different shops and finding treasures that you never knew you needed. But Trade Days isn’t open all the time which is why I wanted to make sure you know their calendar for operations in 2024. 

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Everyone who has visited Canton knows that it’s the home of the World’s Oldest and Largest Flea Market and the best part is that it takes place every month. But you’re not going to see the same items each month as each vendor takes the time to find unique items to bring. If it’s your first time going to Trade Days, you might want to spend the extra money and buy a scooter because you’re going to be walking for miles as you look at everything that is being sold. 

Canton Trade Days is Fun for Everyone 

Shopping is one of the things that I enjoy the least, it’s never been something that I look forward to doing. But Canton is different because they have so many unique items and fun things available for purchase. Plus, you add all the delicious food that is sold there and it’s easy to spend your whole day there.  

Let’s Look at the Canton Trade Days Calendar for 2024 

If you’re wanting to take a trip to Canton for Trade Days in 2024 here are the weekends, they will be open for business.  

Canton Trade Days Flea Market Calendar for 2024

Here are the dates that the World's Oldest and Largest Flea Market will be open in Canton, Texas in 2024.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

Adventure Shopping Trade Days in Canton

Here is just a small preview of Trade Days in Canton the World's Largest Flea Market

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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