As the new school year gets underway, a Dallas area school district did something I think is super cool to introduce parents and students to the faculty they see throughout the school year and it puts a new spin on "Meet The Teacher".

Lancaster ISD Featured Its Faculty In Videos Using Classic TV Sitcom Intros.

The videos posted to the Lancaster ISD Facebook page and Youtube, showcase and introduces the districts principals and other faculty using classic TV intros from shows like "Family Matters", "Martin" and more! What a fun way to kick off the school year!

The first video they posted is called "Family Matters in Lancaster ISD" and it features all of the districts Elementary school principals for 2023.

Next Up, A Play On The TV Show "Martin".

The classic 90's sitcom "Martin" was used to introduce the districts "Secondary" principals and it was cleverly titled "Keeping Them SMART-IN Lancaster ISD".

The Lancaster ISD Executive Team Also Got In On The Fun...

When you hear that familiar "DUN-DUN" you know its "Law and Order" time and the Lancaster ISD executive including Superintendent Dr. A. K. Perera and her staff keeping "Law And Order" inside the district.

Finally, They Used The Classic Theme Song And Intro To "Cheers".

In their final introduction video, the district showcases all the teachers and staff at various schools across the district using the classic intro from "Cheers" proudly touting that "Lancaster ISD is where everybody knows your name".

We wish the students, parents, teachers and faculty at Lancaster ISD the best this school year!

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