11:54 a.m. Friday (June 21), Summer officially starts. We've already felt the heat in East Texas. To celebrate, Dairy Queen will help us cool off with a free ice cream cone Friday according to bigcountryhomepage.com.

Stop in for lunch, since Summer starts at lunch time, or dinner, order a Beltbuster, then top it off with your free cone, dipped or not. You could also go with their Orange Dreamsicle dipped cone if you want some extra pizazz on your frozen treat.

You gotta present a coupon with your purchase which you can get from the Dairy Queen app. Download it here or search iTunes or Google Play to get the app.

I wonder if you could schmooze the cashier to substitute the cone for a Dilly Bar. Probably not, but it's a thought.

Who cares? It's free ice cream from Dairy Queen, you could never turn that down. Happy Summer, friends.

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