There is a reason that shows such as MTV Cribs have been so successful in the past, we want to see what our favorite athletes' homes look like on the inside and outside. These superstars are making millions and millions of dollars so they can essentially get whatever kind of house they want and have it customized to their liking. Recently I found a new YouTube channel (Sports Mansions) that showed off the homes of some of our favorite athletes in the state of Texas. 

What I found interesting as I was scrolling through the videos was that many of our favorite athletes didn’t go for the biggest or most extravagant house possible. They all have very nice homes, but they could have gone bigger if they wanted to do so.  

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Long List of Athletes Homes in Texas That You Can See 

As you would expect you can see lots of homes for some of our favorite Dallas Cowboys players but there are plenty of other homes to look through as well. It will be interesting to see what you think of each of these homes.  

What Texas Superstar Spent the Most on Their Home? 

While I cannot say the exact number that each of these athletes spent on their home it looks like former Houston Rockets shooting guard James Harden has to be at the top having spent $10 million dollars for his amazing home in Houston. There are multiple superstars that are no longer on teams here in Texas, but we still get to look inside the homes they purchased in Texas. Let’s start looking at these videos check out these celebrity homes.

James Harden-

Shaquille O'Neal-

Dak Prescott-

Trevon Diggs-

Ezekiel Elliott-

Simone Biles-

Deion Sanders-

Amari Cooper-

Randy Gregory-

Take a Look Inside the Home of Ezekiel Elliott in Frisco, Texas

The Dallas Cowboys Running Back has a gorgeous home not far from the stadium.

Let's Look Inside Dak Prescott's Amazing Home in Prosper, Texas

Being the face of the most lucrative sports team in America is not easy, but it does pay very well. Last year Dak Prescott finally inked his big deal with America's Team, but he's been living in his Prosper, TX home since '19.

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