If you frequent Chick-fil-A, you're probably familiar with the phrase, 'My pleasure.' It's the response that employees are trained to use when a customer says, 'Thank you.'

Apparently a great deal of customers love it, because the chain tops others in Customer Service. Newsweek teamed up with Statista to take a look at customer service in an ever-changing economic landscape.

If technology hasn't changed the number of people that you worth with yet, frankly, I'm in shock. It's affecting every industry from health care, to retail to radio. Yes, in my 17 years in this business I continue to see it.

With that in mind, the personal human element is even more important when it's present. As a customer of Chick-fil-A, I've always noticed that their employees appear to go to the extra mile to make sure I have what I've requested or what I might want. They are approachable, kind and helpful.

I wasn't surprised to see them at the top of the list for fast-food chains. Curious about your favorite coffee house or pizza joint? They're listed as well.

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