I am trying to eat healthy here!

Lulu's Cafe in San Antonio has one of those Texas sized food challenges...try to eat their chicken fried steak. The gravy, the sides, the roll, oh my!

It's a thin piece of chicken fried steak but it comes out bigger than the plate it's served on. Good luck.

Ok, it's huge, it's not the healthiest thing to eat, I get it, but some people can be such kill joys. As evidenced by some of the comments left under the video by Bring Me.

Gotta love the anonymity of comment threads.

But the real star of the show is the dessert. A three pound cinnamon roll. Yes, a three pound cinnamon roll. You might as well call it cake.

Order that, everyone gets a piece and enough left over to satisfy your sweet for two months.

So, if food coma is your thing, travel to San Antonio and check out Lulu's Cafe...If You Dare! Bahahaha!

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