It was just a few days ago when I saw the question pop up on a popular Tyler, Texas social media page and I expected a lot of responses, but I don’t think I expected over 175+ people chiming in on the best chicken fried steak. It also made me really excited to know that there were so many restaurants in East Texas serving up that always comforting meal of chicken fried steak. With so many responses I had to share the answers with you on where to go when you’re craving a chicken fried steak completely covered in gravy. 

While there were lots of restaurants suggested for the best chicken fried steak it was clear that there were a few restaurants that had more suggestions than others. Two of the restaurants with the most recommendations for best chicken fried steak around Tyler were Daniel Boone’s and Aspen Creek Grill. But as you will see with the recommendations below there were lots of others that had people drooling for chicken fried steak. 

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Some Chicken Fried Steak Suggestions Came From Outside Tyler, Texas 

While the question was asked in a Tyler, Texas social media group there were some answers that suggested restaurants outside of Tyler or some even outside of Smith County. But when we're discussing amazing chicken fried steak it’s okay to travel to get it.  

After Chicken Fried Steak There Is Only One Thing You Need 

After a big ol’ chicken fried steak the only thing I need is a nap. So, if you visit one of the locations listed below just remember to clear your schedule after your meal. You might need to sneak in a little rest time to help with digestion.  

Here are the recommendations for the best chicken fried steak around Tyler, Texas.

Best Chicken Fried Steak Options Near Tyler, Texas

Lots of great options for a delicious chicken fried steak near Tyler, TX. Here are the recommended restaurants to visit.

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