It's hard not to look at this world in a positive light. It's not. Everyone, and everything, is trying to pull us apart. However, one leader of young men is trying to keep that from happening. His speech is 100 percent truth and exactly what we need to hear right now and take to heart.

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A couple of my friends on Facebook shared this video from ABC 13 in Houston of Klein Oak coach, Jason Glenn, talking with his players at practice. He was talking to his players about what's going on in our country right now. His words were not of hate. His words were not of rioting. His words were not of condemning. His words were of love and respect for your fellow men and women. His words were of looking beyond appearances and learning who your neighbor is.

We are being blasted every day with memes and conspiracy theories and untruths of what we are as people. Sure, there are some evil people in the world. There will always be evil people in the world. That will never stop no matter how hard you, or we, try. But here's the thing, "some" does not mean "all". "All" is more than "some".

We can "all" come together to prove evil wrong. Will evil believe it? No. But that's fine, evil will never win no matter how hard it tries. Take six minutes today and watch the video at the top of the page. It brought me to tears and made me realize we have someone who is battling evil and equipping young men with the weapons to battle evil and hate outside of the football field.

Thank you coach Glenn for your words. Thank you for being a true leader of young men.

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