Cobra Kai, season one and two, are fantastic. The series is a great trip down memory lane and a perfect introduction for a new audience. Yesterday (December 9), the trailer for season three dropped on YouTube and holy crap am I excited. We get to start 2021 with a bang.

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The Karate Kid movies were my favorites as a kid and still are to this day. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be The Karate Kid Part 2. We get to learn about Miyagi's past in his native Okinawa and Daniel gets a new love interest and faces another test in his karate training. That's what made me scream with excitement. We will have the return of Daniel's former love, Kumiko, and his nemesis, Chozen.

So, yes, Daniel will travel back to Okinawa. Even with Mr. Miyagi gone, he still has a lesson for Daniel to learn.

A lot was revealed in this trailer, some will say too much, but with everything that was revealed, I suspect there are some even bigger surprises in store. For instance, Daniel and Johnny's love interest from The Karate Kid, Ali. Will Elisabeth Shue return as Ali for this season? It was a huge tease to end season two so I think it's possible.

I guess we'll just have to watch to find out. Cobra Kai season three debuts on Netflix January of 2021.

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