Cody Johnson leaves nothing to chance with "Nothin' on You," a patient love song that has no time for metaphor. The Texan with the rich country voice wants his lady to know she looks great naked and he's here for the views.

"Nothin' on You" is perhaps the furthest Johnson stretches on his new Ain't Nothin' To It album, a dynamic mix of love songs and biographical inspirationals in the spirit of George Strait and Ronnie Dunn. One feels his soul and R&B influences on this country lover — the molten-hot lyric is set off by a simmering guitar lick that maintains a slow burn even as the singer gets excited.

Vocally this ballad stands out as a tremendous performance that, much like the 2019 Taste of Country RISER's debut single (see below), builds slowly before cresting at the final chorus. Lyrically Trent Willmon and Barrett Baber arrange familiar references and comparisons in a way that allows everyone to appreciate their message: less is more and nothing is everything. Many men age 13 to 103 have thought the same thing at one point or another.

Did You Know?: Cody Johnson and his wife Brandi have two kids, ages four and two.

This Cody Johnson Vocal Performance Is Tough to Top:

Cody Johnson, "Nothin' On You" Lyrics:

Wearing your black dress, red shoes, makeup, perfume, and diamonds / You always impress, turn heads, the second you walk through the door / You're like a real-life work of fine art / Baby, you're priceless / And I just wanna get on get that black dress down on the floor.

'Cause when you got nothin' on / There ain't nothin' wrong / Lovin' you all night long's all I wanna do / I've seen the mountains high / I've sailed the ocean blue / But when you got nothin' on / Ain't nothin' got nothin' on you.

You're better than Venice, Vegas, New York, LA, Paris / Baby you’re Vermont in the fall, the Grand Canyon on a full moon / Oh and they can keep those high-rise, high price mansions / I wouldn't trade places / Long as I'm here with you baby / I've got a room with a view.

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