There aren't too many red headed folks in show business especially red headed dudes. We've got Willie Nelson, then the list really drops off to guys like David Caruso and Carrot Top (check the wimpy list of famous redheads here) Then we come to Conan O'Brien.

I've been watching Conan since the late 90's, so when NBC and Jay Leno gave my red headed bro the ol' bait and switch I jumped right on The Team Coco bandwagon and hated NBC -- more after the jump.

Buddy 2008 - 2011

Flash forward to November 2010 and I'm pretty stoked for the premiere of his new show on TBS. I turn it on to find out the dude has stole my look -- the red hair/red beard look! As upset as this made me I played it cool and just moved past it, but this fool wasn't even done there.

The one thing that may define me even more than my red beard is Texas Music, I love it. I've been playin' it on the radio for a couple years now. Turns out Conan wants in on this too now.  Tonight Randy Rogers who was on the premiere of my new show RTX, Live just 2 Saturdays ago where we debuted his new single 'Interstate' will be on Conan performing that same song!

Mr. O'Brien the gauntlet has been thrown down and when the dust settles we will see which ginger is left standing -- and don't miss Randy Rogers tonight on Conan on TBS.

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