Kilgore College is opening up their cosmetology school again (finally) as News-Journal reports!

This is exciting news to me because I took cosmetology in high school in the 90s. It was my entryway to attending a high school that I wasn't zoned to attend, plus my best friend at the time, Sarah*, was going there and we were in the same grade. I wanted to spend my high school experience as close as possible to my bff and if signing up for beauty school was my way in, I was taking it!


I was a B- student in cosmetology. It was a lot of fun, don't get me wrong, but I should have realized me and hairstyling weren't a great match. We went together like salt on grits (or sugar on grits if that's what irks you). I did excellent in the theory section of the class because I had a gift for memorizing wild facts and retaining knowledge of the subcutaneous layer and the dermis and epidermis. When it came to styling and coloring hair, I was disastrous. Most of it was because there weren't a lot of people who wanted me to practice on their hair (and I don't blame them), but also because my heart wasn't truly in it like the other members of my class.

The other reason is that the schools I went to did not teach how us to do Black people's hair in its natural state. Hair braiding and natural hairstyles such as twist outs and three-strand twists were not taught in the curriculum back then. I am so thankful that times have changed and these skills are being taught in today's beauty schools! Count your blessings for that!

In fact, the only thing I became particularly skilled at in high school cosmetology class was giving pedicures, manicures, and shampooing the towels. HA!

We had to attain 1500 clock hours to pass the class and qualify to take the state exam right out of high school. I was hit by a drunk driver during my senior year so I missed about 500 hours, so I enrolled in beauty college after graduation. I finally reached the 1500 hour goal, but when it came my time to take the state licensing exam, my test dummy didn't show up. Yes, I call that person a "test dummy" because they ghosted me and didn't even have the decency to let me know they weren't coming. I gave up on my dream of becoming a stylist right then and there. I regret that decision off and on throughout the years.

That is why I highly recommend that you give the cosmetology students in Longview at Kilgore College (315 S. Center St) a try and let them practice on your hair. You will get quality hair services for practically pennies on the dollar compared to professionally licensed salons about town. They offer everything from hair braiding to twist-outs, barber cuts, nail services, hair coloring, facial beauty treatments, and a whole lot more. Seniors ages 65+ even get special discounts on certain services!

Who knows, maybe one day, we'll see one of the students at Kilgore College's cosmetology school will hit the big time and get their work featured in major magazines and YouTube videos!

To find out more about getting a cosmetology license in Texas, click here.

*Sarah went on to become an excellent hairstylist, so good for her.

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