The Old West is still alive, somewhat, in Texas and in some parts of the U.S. Having said that, there won't be shootouts at the OK Corral anymore but cowboys could still ride their horses into town. As can happen, arguments could breakout amongst those various cowboys for whatever reason. When you're in Bandera, Texas, known as the Cowboy Capital of the World, you will probably see an argument or two amongst the cowboys and other members of the town. This was witnessed at the OST Restaurant in Bandera recently.

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Cowboy Code

Cowboys have a way about them and a code that is upheld by all. Cowboys will share and work together for the greater good. Cowboys are more than willing to help out their neighbor in a time of need. However, if you cross the line of that code, that's when things can get nasty. As cowboys do, they are not afraid to confront the offender of that code to make things right.

Cowboy and a Sheriff Arguing

In Bandera, one cowboy was not happy that another had brought cattle onto his land to graze without his permission and confronted the sheriff so he could do something about it.

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The townsfolk must be used to an argument or two breaking out during lunch as they pretty much kept to them themselves. The waitress was having none of it, though, and kicked both of them out so they could settle their differences outside.

Is this real?

Getting a taste of the Old West is something that many people like to seek out. Being that Bandera, Texas is the Cowboy Capital of the World, this would be the perfect spot to seek out that Old West adventure. As far as this particular incident, it Is Not real. This is a fun skit that is put on at the OST Restaurant that both the tourist and the locals love to see.

Road Trip Idea

So if you're planning out a road trip for this spring or summer, add Bandera, Texas to that list and stop by the OST Restaurant for some authentic, and delicious, down home cooking and get a fun show in the process that'll put a big smile on your face.

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