Thieves are the worst in Texas. For some reason, they believe that taking something that is not theirs or taking money from someone they haven't earned is perfectly okay. News flash scumbags, it's not. The thing about thieves is that they don't have to confront you or even come into your home to steal from you. Thieves today are smart and use nothing more than a laptop to steal from you. Case and point is a single mother in Corpus Christi who may have had her SNAP benefits account hacked and a $1,000 grocery order stolen.

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Here's What Happened

Jessica Reyna is a single mother to five kids and lives in Corpus Christi. Needless to say, she is a busy woman. That means she doesn't always have the time to physically go to the grocery store to buy her groceries. She decided to place an online order to be picked up curbside at the H-E-B at the corner of Weber Road and Holly Road in Corpus. Her order totaled $1,044.29 and was scheduled to be picked up between 2 and 2:30 p.m. on January 5.

Text From H-E-B

As Reyna was heading to H-E-B to pick up her order, she got a notification that her order had been picked up. When she arrived at the store, she learned that a person had her first name, two wrong last names and a picture of the order number, not the normal text that is sent. The store used that information to give the thief her groceries (

Pleading with the Store

Reyna spent some time talking with the store and eventually called police to report the theft. Police were able to obtain security footage of the person stealing her curbside pickup order. After this, she contacted the H-E-B corporate office and was able to pick up her original grocery order about a week later.

SNAP Account Hacked

Reyna believed that her SNAP account was hacked and that is how thieves were able to steal her curbside order. She contacted Texas Health and Human Services to report the issue. In May of 2023, Texas Health and Human Services did report an uptick in skimming of SNAP benefit cards which then resulted in theft. It's very likely this is what happened to Reyna.

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