It’s not uncommon to hear about a crazy crime story, they happen as people do unusual things when they get desperate to escape law enforcement. But last week there were two very unusual cases that were handled by the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office. One of the crimes involves issuing a bomb threat on the courthouse and another with a mail carrier delivering methamphetamine out of his USPS vehicle. 

The good news to report is that no one was injured with either of these crimes. Although there is a chance that you might be able to assist with one of these cases. Law enforcement has identified the suspect in the courthouse bomb threat but the suspect is still on the run. Let’s get more into the details of each of these cases. 

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More Details on the Courthouse Bomb Threat 

The Henderson County Sheriff’s Office reported that the Courthouse and surrounding area was all clear around 1:00 pm after a bomb threat came in by fugitive Daniel Simpson. He was last known to be in the Athens, Texas area. Law enforcement is requesting assistance in locating the suspect. If you know where he is located, you’re encouraged to call 903-675-5128. 

Here is a look at the suspect, Daniel Simpson

Henderson County Sheriff's Office
Henderson County Sheriff's Office

Postal Drug Bust in Athens, Texas 

The Henderson County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Team teamed up with the DPS to take down a mail carrier who was also dealing methamphetamine. A DPS trooper made the stop while the suspect was on his mail route and in the mail vehicle there was a substantial amount of meth. The mail carrier was arrested and the vehicle was returned to the U.S. Postal Service. 

Big thank you to all law enforcement officers in East Texas putting their lives on the line to keep our communities safe. 

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