Curtis Grimes was a baseball standout at Harmony High School while growing up in East Texas. Though, these days the "Irresponsible" singer makes his home in Austin, staying busy nurturing a fan base that has stretched outside of Texas, thanks to a deep run on season one of NBC's The Voice -- he always finds his way back home to East Texas around the holidays.

This year Grimes will be coming home for the Black Friday concert at Electric Cowboy (Nov. 23), his fourth straight holiday season spent with family, friends and hometown fans.

But this year there's a bit of a twist.

In July, Grimes stopped by Radio Texas, LIVE! and we made a bet involving his then unreleased single "Smile," which was co-written with Josh Abbott. The bet was that if the single does not reach the No.1 position in Texas by the Black Friday concert, he and his band must perform a song of my choosing at the show, ANY song.

If it goes to No. 1, by Black Friday I'd have to sing it with him on stage. Which means not only I lose, everyone in attendance would too.

Well, we are now just over a week from the concert, and it's not looking good for Curtis. Granted there's a great chance it will go No. 1 before the end of the year -- it's just not looking like he'll meet the timeline to win this bet.

I spoke with Curtis yesterday and we both agreed that barring a crazy Thanksgiving miracle "Smile" will not get to No.1 by Friday Nov. 23. So you know what that means, his band is gonna be spending the next week learning a brand new song.

I'm happy to report, they know which song I've chosen, agreed to play it (there was no choice) and are all ready working on the arrangement.

If you want to know what song it is, I'm not going to tell you. You'll have to be at the concert on Black Friday. You can bet I'm not gonna miss this. Click here to buy your tickets now -- I'm going to laugh so hard when it goes No. 1 the first week of December.

Curtis called in to Radio Texas, LIVE! last week and we discussed the bet and his new video "Smile." Check it out.

And here is the new video.