All the time I am talking about how great it is to live in Texas, but I will admit that inflation has hurt Texans as much as every other part of the world. It’s crazy how expensive everything is getting right now. We are talking about fast food prices that have gone up between 50% to 100% or more over the past year. All of these expenses are causing many people across the country and even here in Texas looking for some new creative ways to cut costs. 

Texans Saving Money

We’re all trying to keep as much money in our bank account as possible. But we know that leaving the house is going to cost you a minimum of $20 now with gas costs and anything else you might have to do when you’re adulting. But with so many people struggling how are people finding ways to cut costs?  

Tasking on More Tasks Can Cut Costs 

For years we have had the luxury to pay other people to do tasks that we don’t want to do, whether that is a project around the house or maintaining things that you already own. But as you will see with the list below there are tasks that we can handle ourselves that will help you save money. 

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Saving Money in Various Ways 

There are things we can avoid buying, let’s look at those and other tips to help us save money. If you have other money saving tips, please make sure to tell us about those in the comments.  

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