On Monday night (June 2), Darius Rucker and friends wanted to celebrate their accomplishments after raising money for St. Jude and entertaining a sold-out crowd at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville. Unfortunately, Rucker wasn't allowed to enter the chosen after party bar.

SirusXM's Storme Warren says Rucker forgot his wallet, and driver's license, on his bus. The 48-year-old stays in shape, but still looks plenty older than 21 years old. That didn't matter to the bouncer at the Red Door. No I.D. means no entry at this establishment.

Rucker's chiseled bodyguard, Buddy, tried to sweet talk the guy, but it wasn't happening, so Rucker -- and his crew -- went to another bar. Rucker is said to have been gracious about the incident. Instead of Wikipedia-ing his name or shouting "Do you know who I am?" he told the guy he he understood that he was just doing his job, and left without much fanfare.