After a long, arduous 49-week climb up the country charts, David Nail finally got his first #1 Billboard country hit with "Let It Rain." David's latest album, "The Sound of a Million Dreams" is His Nail’s follow-up to his 2009’s "I’m About to Come Alive," which earned him a Top Ten hit with “Red Light.” David also received an Academy of Country Music nomination for Single Record of the Year for “Red Light,” and a Grammy nomination for Best Male Country Vocal Performance for “Turning Home.”

According to David's Bio on his website David admired the style of Glen Campbell.

“My father was a band director for 31 years and he listened to all sorts of music, including a lot of old-school Elton John. I just loved the big, lush feel of those records,” David explains. “Glen Campbell was a huge influence on me for the same reason: the arrangements, the elaborate production, the dramatic songs. Those influences all come out in what I do.”

Enjoy David's videos - "Let It Rain" & "Red Light."

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