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It’s the weekend WE ALL LOOK FORWARD TO! Daylight Saving Time ends at 2a this Sunday and that precious hour we lost back in March, we finally get back!  This means the kids will no longer have to catch the bus in the dark in the morning!  However, it means more time inside each evening, but you can use it as an excuse for them to get their homework done!

Now, before you go to bed Saturday night remember to set your clock back 1 hour and wake up feeling rested.  But if you’re like me you’ll wake up at your normal time and everything will feel just a little bit off!  And while you’re at it this weekend, it’s a good idea to go ahead and change the batteries in your smoke detectors too.

So why do we have to change time twice a year?  The answer from Askville at

The simple main reason for DST is to take advantage of the daylight (sunlight) hours. For many people that work outside, this is very important. It is even more important the farther north that one goes. Daylight hours are at a premium with our northern States in the fall and winter seasons. It also saves on energy and electric power as well. With the ever increasing rise in energy costs, this is very important to many people, especially small businesses.

So do you agree with us changing our clocks or should we just leave them alone?  By the way there are only 2 states that do not observe Daylight Saving Time – Arizona and Hawaii (there was a 3rd but Indiana caved and adopted it back in 2005!).

Here’s to getting an extra hour of sleep this weekend!

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