Quick show of hands, who has not had a proper vacation in years? Yeah, my hand is raised, too. The thing about a vacation is that it doesn't have to be a trip to a tropical paradise or visiting a big tourist city in another country. A vacation could simply be traveling just a few miles from your house and staying there for a few days. For instance, Palestine is a nice East Texas town to visit and you could stay at this highly rated Airbnb while you do it.

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Palestine, Texas (pronounced pal - es- teen for those who are not native to East Texas) is a one of many relatively small towns in East Texas that is great to visit even for natives. Its a very historic town that has been around since 1846. The town is also a hub for the Texas State Railroad. Several celebrities call Palestine their hometown too, including country artist Gene Watson, NFL players Adrian Peterson and Guy Brown and vaudeville entertainer Jack Pepper among others.

Among all the AirBnb rentals you could choose from, Palestine is also home to Dead Cat Ranch. This ranch sits on 45 acres and has a nice pond for fishing, skeet shooting range, ATV trails and a lot more outdoor activities. What's also kinda neat is HOW you can stay on the ranch. There's the bunkhouse if you have a lot of people in your group or the two different Air Stream campers if its just you and the misses.

The owners of Dead Cat Ranch, Stacy, Josh and Becky, have put up a contest called "The Good Person Giveaway." You can submit a story of someone who, despite their own hardships, always finds a way of caring for and looking out for others around them. East Texans are known for kind hearts, so this is a chance to highlight a neighbor or a hard-working (and loving) family member.

Know someone who is well-deserving of a vacation? A single parent? Widowed Spouse? Or someone who continuously gives...

Posted by Dead Cat Ranch on Monday, April 11, 2022

As for those stellar reviews for Dead Cat Ranch, you can read those on their Airbnb page.

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