The holidays are a time for family, food, gifts and sometimes a story that breaks your heart and inspires you at the same time. That's what Tennessee college student Bailey Sellers shared on her Twitter account on Friday (Nov. 24) - a sad story with a truly beautiful sentiment. And 1.5 million Twitter followers felt the same way.

In a Tweet she put out on Friday, she shared her story about her father passing away from cancer when she was 16, but also shared something her dad did before he died.

Before Bailey's father passed away, he prepaid flowers to be delivered to her daughter for every birthday leading up to age 21. This year, Bailey turned 21 and wanted to share his gift to her and the response has been overwhelmingly inspirational with a side of happy tears.

Thousands of online users have commented how this is such an inspiration to them, including country star Cole Swindell.

Bailey told KENS5 that birthdays have been difficult for her because dad always made it special. And if you're not getting goosebumps yet or reaching for the tissues, this was what she read to close out her father's letter.

I will still be there through every milestone. Just look around and there I will be. I love you, Boo boo, and happy birthday! - Daddy

Happy Holidays y'all and please cherish what you have.

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