(Warning: This video does contain an f-bomb so it is labeled as NSFW)

We're going to take you back to when Big D, of Big D and Bubba, was with a friend in their office building. While filming, they may have encountered a ghost. Watch the video above and decide for yourself.

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Big D, of Big D and Bubba, was with some friends and may have gotten a scare at his friend's office building. While they were in one office, they heard a door being opened to another office down the hall. After hearing the noise, they went down the hall to investigate. A door that was shut was opened.

Hmmm...a door that's locked and can only be opened by a key fob. Only two explanations in my opinion; either the key fob lock has malfunctioned or the office building is haunted. They investigate some more and find that the door can only be opened by hand from the inside.

Either way, I would not be working at this office after dark. Who knows what other sounds and random doors closing you may run into. What do you think? Did Big D walk into a ghostly encounter or was this simply a lock malfunction?

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