Pickles are great. They are great to slice up and put on your hamburger. They are great to slice up and put on your bologna sandwich. They are great just pulling them out of the jar and snacking on them. But how would a pickle taste that's been soaked in Kool-Aid? Big D made some and the show tried them.

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If there is one thing I miss the most from my grandmother, it's her homemade pickles. She would take her cucumbers, throw in some dill and vinegar (I'm sure there were some other ingredients but you get the jest) and let them sit and turn into her awesome pickles. At one of my cousin's weddings, my grandmother gifted her a jar of her pickles. People outside our family raised an eyebrow at this. Us inside the family knew how great of a gift this was. Her pickles were that good.

At least in that sense, soaking pickles in Kool-Aid would have been sacrilegious. But doing it to a Vlasic pickle wouldn't be that big of a deal.

Big D took some pickles and soaked them in Kool-Aid and brought them for the show to try. He soaked whole pickles and also sliced some up and soaked them that way. Bubba was kinda iffy on the whole Kool-Aid pickles (this coming from the same guy who loves kimchi).

I could see them tasting sweet like a sweet pickle, which are very gross. But hey, if it's something you want to try, give it a shot and let us know if you liked it.

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