Big D thinks he's the coolest dude at the lunch table now. His trusty old Range Rover finally kicked the proverbial bucket. Instead of picking up something brand new and shiny, Big D finds an old cop car at an auction. His dream has been fulfilled.

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Big D is all kinds of excited. It's been his dream to own an old cop car. With this Chevy SUV, that dream is a reality. It has a Veeper 5.7 liter V8 engine, still has the search light on the driver side and is just a beast.

What Big D loves the best is how the other drivers react to his vehicle. Slamming on their brakes, slow down and get behind him or just hang in the other lane and don't pass. Hey, take advantage, right? It might be useful, too, if he gets behind a slow driver in the left lane.

Too bad it doesn't come with the lights and siren. I mean, Big D did say in the video he pretended to be a cop in high school. If he had the lights and siren, he could really pretend. We don't want Big D in jail, though, so it's best that both have been removed.

Probably one of the best features is that's there is no carpet. It will make cleanup super easy. Enjoy your new ride Big D, it's pretty cool.

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