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Just about a year ago (November 26th, 2019), Papa John's founder John Schnatter predicted a day of reckoning was coming and said that we all needed to 'stay tuned'. At the time, most people just laughed off the disgraced CEO. At that particular moment in time, Schnatter was fired for using a racial slur, was spitting out all kinds of crazy conspiracy theories and claimed to go on full pizza diet. Everybody just thought his statements were the ramblings of a man who lost every single one of his marbles. But, knowing what we know now, was he really that crazy?

Through out history, there have been plenty of people that society deemed crazy or 'full of it' that ended up being 100% on the money. Is John Schnatter the modern day version of the fortune-telling clown? Well...it kind of seems that way.

Since Schnatter's bold statement, A LOT of craziness has ensued: President Trump faces an impeachment trial, Kobe dies in a helicopter wreck, COVID hits and the world shuts down, aliens get confirmed, murder hornets, social protests, a huge dust cloud from Africa covers most of America...I mean we've literally jammed about 20 years worth of events into 12 months!

I'm not going to be so bold as to call him a seer. But, on the other hand, I'm not one that buys into coincidence.

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