Dear Pizza King in Longview, Texas: May we share a note from some of your Tyler, Texas fans?

When it comes to pizza in East Texas, we've got so many fantastic options that we adore. However one of my personal favorites is Pizza King in Longview, Texas.

We're thankful it's not a far drive to Longview. In fact, many of us who live in the Tyler area consider Longview to be our sister city where our East Texas siblings dwell. I visit regularly for different reasons and I love being there.

And when I am in Longview, I almost always suggest to whoever may be with me that we go to Pizza King if at all humanly possible. And I can't wait to visit your new 4th Street Pizza King TO-GO location!

At the same time, I confess: Some of us are really, really jealous.

Truly, there are great pizza places all around East Texas. And I adore how each of them has their own signature way they make America's favorite food. At the same time, I find myself getting really intense cravings for Pizza King on days when I can't find a way to drive over to Longview. And so... if I may be so bold and ask...

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Dear Pizza King owners,

Please consider building one in Tyler, Texas. Please? Like...pretty please?

I'm not too proud to beg. ;)

OK, OK in the meantime, we will happily continue to visit you at your original location and at your newer to-go location. CONGRATS on that, by the way. And the folks over here in Tyler, Texas will be crying... er, I mean keep CHEERING you guys on.

Fellow Pizza King lovers in the Tyler, Texas area, can I get an "AMEN?!" Seriously though, love you guys and can't wait to visit again soon.

Alright, fellow East Texans, what's your favorite place to eat pizza in ETX? Send me a note at

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