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One of my favorite stories about school cafeteria food comes from my sweet mother-in-law who moved from the Carolinas to Texas as a teenager.

Not being cultured to the way of the Texan she was served a tamale on her first day of school. She was disgusted by the taste and the texture. Why was she hating on our beloved Texas holiday staple?

No one had told her to unwrap the corn husk! 

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Marcos Elihu Castillo Ramirez

Number Three- The Famous Rectangle Pizza

In Texas School Cafeterias It Was Cool to Be Square...eating rectangle pizza

Move over traditional pizza triangles, in Texas, we served our grade school students " The Rec." If you were a student in Texas you remember the most famous of all pizza slices, and this classic slice is still a crowd favorite. Coming in at Number Three is the Rectangle Pizza because, let's get real, even bad pizza is good pizza! 

Photo courtesy of homemadepizzaschool
Photo courtesy of homemadepizzaschool

Here is the best explanation of how this pizza pleaser is made! You better believe we included the original recipe, from none other than Homemadepizzaschool.com

Number Two- Give it to the Nug, tied with the Tot!

We've got a two-for-one special for you for this school cafeteria lunch item, the chicken nugget, a staple in Texas school cafeterias, and the tater tot, both of which are still served in only the best school lunchroom cafeterias in Texas today.

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Number One Most Memorable Texas School Cafeteria Food of All Time Goes to the Enchilada!

It's the Big Enchilada!

attachment-Screenshot 2023-08-09 090603

Texas Highways even included the recipe for school enchiladas that makes Texas School Cafeteria Enchiladas the  Shout out to KSAT12 for their Youtube video!

Flashback: What was your favorite food at your school cafeteria as a kid?

Let us know in the Facebook or app comments!

Who remembers these? My absolute hands-down favorite was the fried veggie stick! Do you know where to get them now? Me either! 

attachment-Screenshot 2023-08-09 095149

And I would be remiss in not including my cohort's absolute favorite dish from his high school years in Texas, the infamous Crispito! His high school still serves them in Victoria Texas today!

Who is hungry for lunch?


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