Sometimes you just never know what to expect when you’re scrolling through social media. Today was one of those times that I came across a video that I didn’t expect but that is why I had to share it with you. It’s a video from right here in our home state of Texas. The unexpected video was taken in Grand Prairie, Texas as there were two donkeys on the run, the problem was that they were running in traffic. 

It seems like common sense would tell us that donkeys don’t belong in traffic but I have a feeling their owner had no idea that the donkeys got out. Let’s be honest this is the type of thing that you would expect down a back road in rural Texas not on a busy road with lots of traffic. The caption to this video that was posted by Dallas Texas TV mentioned that the donkeys were at Lake Ridge and Camp Wisdom. 

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Not Common to See Donkeys in Traffic in Texas 

As you would expect this video has captured a lot of attention online and there were lots of comments made on the post as well. One of the commenters mentioned that cows or horses make sense, but she couldn’t understand how donkeys got out on such a main road like shown in this video. 

The Funniest Comment Online Regarding the Donkey Video 

The best comment that was made online in regard to this donkey video came from a lady who said, “Those are my 2 ex-husbands on the loose.” Well played lady, you win the internet today.  

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