If you live in or around Tyler, Texas and you're thinking you may want to spend less time cooking and more time with friends and family this year, then why not consider ordering your Thanksgiving Dinner from one of these great restaurants?

Whew! What a year...or two...it has been. I've never been more excited about Thanksgiving, though. Particularly since many more of us will be able to spend this holiday with family and friends than we did last year.

And I gotta tell ya: As much as I enjoy cooking and baking, this year I'm thinking of letting some of the pros take care of some of our Thanksgiving meal offerings. Perhaps you can relate?

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But whether you would just like a little help with some of the side dishes, or maybe just the turkey, or heck even if you'd like one of our East Texas restaurants to take care of the ENTIRE spread, there are quite a few delicious options from which you may choose.

Disclaimer: Believe it or not, many of these restaurants will need your order as soon as possible. Apparently, you and I aren't the only ones considering getting a little outside culinary help this year.

Although we do our best to pass on the most current information, please call these restaurants JUST to confirm that they're going ahead with orders as planned and to make sure you order before the deadline.

Let's take a look at 20 of the Tyler, Texas area restaurants ready to come to your Thanksgiving dinner aid!

LOOK: 20 of the Tyler, Texas area restaurants ready to come to your Thanksgiving dinner aid!

Whether you want to order just the turkey, pies, or the ENTIRE Thanksgiving spread, there are quite a few great restaurants that will help you with that!

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