In the 1950's, the Carlton Hotel in Downtown Tyler was a ritzy stop for many in the area. The hotel closed in 1971 but the building would be repurposed many times as office space and was even the home of Smith County probations and other law enforcement offices at one time. Over the years the building has been bought and sold in hopes of reviving the 15 story building into a more modern living facility. Maybe with this recent acquisition and partnership, those ideas will come to fruition.

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In a recent press release, it was announced that a New Orleans based company, NORF Companies, had purchased the Carlton Hotel building. NORF Companies will bring together two architectural companies, Tyler based Fitzpatrick Architects and New Orleans based Albert Architects, to revive the old hotel into a housing and commercial area. There are even plans to revive the rooftop pool for the enjoyment of the residents.

NORF Companies is currently working to buy and redevelop historic properties in many cities across the United States. This is great as I'm sure many cities have a historical piece of property that needs to be brought back to life. Also bringing in a Tyler based company to help with the renovations is great for our local economy.

Tyler's Fitzpatrick Architects also designed the new Tyler Rose Complex being built on the old site of Harvey Hall and the outdoor amphitheater in Bergfeld Park. However, that's barely scratches the surface of their building designs in the area.

This news is great news for downtown Tyler and it's continued revitalization in the area.

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