Dr Pepper is a Texas born drink and a favorite throughout the South. Really, it's a favorite across the country. And rightfully so, it's twenty three flavors are always a mouth pleaser.

Well, Dr Pepper is petitioning to become the Official Soft Drink of Texas according to ktre.com. They are asking Dr Pepper fans to sign the petition on change.org. Dr Pepper will also release several special edition labels.

According to the change.org petition, the special bottles will only be released in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and Waco, where Dr Pepper originated in 1885. Hopefully, these special labels will trickle down into our area.

To give a little history of Dr Pepper, it was, indeed, created in Waco in 1885, a full year before Coca Cola. It is the oldest soda drink in the country. Brooklyn-born pharmacist Charles Alderton came up with the formula in Morrison's Old Corner Drug Store in Waco. Alderton gave the drink to store owner Wade Morrison to test on his customers. Customers loved it and would call it a "Waco" when ordering it. Store owner Morrison later gave it the name Dr Pepper.

Rumors say that the secret formula is divided into two parts and stored at two different banks in the Dallas area. Some say it contains prune juice. Another rumor is that the formula was found on in a journal at an antique store in the Texas panhandle. But, again, nothing proven on any of it.

Dr Pepper is my favorite, for sure. Now if I could get my parents to stop calling all sodas "a coke."


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