First Monday Trade Days in Canton is a fun shopping experience every month. You can find everything from garage sale lots, to quality products from local boutiques, and other shops. Most native East Texans have been at least once in their lifetime. While traffic is not a huge ordeal, not having the headache of dealing with traffic can make the experience so much more enjoyable. Booking this stay on Airbnb can help with that stress relief.

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It's called the Dragonfly Inn and it is located in downtown Canton. The building is 125 years old and has a very warm feeling to it. The inn, as a whole, can accommodate up to 16 people in its five bedrooms. The bedrooms feature queen size beds with a full bathroom.

There is also a real communal feel to the Dragonfly Inn. The living area is shared amongst all the guests. It's a great meeting point for all of your friends you're rooming with or to make some new friends with the other guests there.

The saying of "location, location, location" truly fits with the Dragonfly Inn. You are surrounded by a multitude of shops and restaurants, many of them locally owned, that are within a short walk of each other. If you're staying for the trade days weekend, the front gate is a short three to four minute walk away.

Head over to to get a closer look at Dragonfly Inn, what days are available, nightly pricing and read their reviews.

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