This reminds me of an episode of "The Office": a driver got stuck on a golf course because he was following the Waze maps app.

I must admit that I use Waze frequently. When I am out of town, or locally when I am in an area I am not familiar with, the app makes it easy to find where I need to go. But there has been, a time or two, when Waze sent me on a wild goose chase.

In the case of the guy getting stuck on the golf course: police say, according to CBSN Boston, that he was not under the influence, and that it was just simply a case of the app giving poor directions.

Remember having a road atlas in the car when you would head out on a trip? Maybe spend the night prior pouring over the route, making plans on where to stop for gas and what sights to take in? Well, now that we have the road atlas in the palm of our hand, along with almost all of the information in the world, it seems that the road atlas, and paper maps for that matter, are all but obsolete.

And then you get a case like this, or like when Michael and Dwight are trying their darndest to get some new business and end up in a lake.

When will Michael learn that Dwight is usually right?

Anyway, the lesson here is this: all of the technology in the world will never replace common sense and, judging by some of the stories I've read lately, it's not so common these days.

Speaking of maps, we used Google Maps to see how much Lafayette has changed over the past decade - check out the pictures below.

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