Does it feel like we’ve had a lot of tornadoes this year? Does it feel like it’s been a while since we’ve seen one? You’d be correct on both. But the season is not over yet.

So far this year, we’ve seen 170 tornadoes in the state of Texas. This is above the yearly average of 146.7 and the year is not even done yet. Normally through the month of August, we see 119.6 tornadoes in the state, so we’re at 142 percent normal so far this year. Yikes.

The most active month has been May. In that month we had 109 tornadoes in the Lone Star state. That’s a lot more than the norm. Our average for the month of May is 44 tornadoes. For those keeping score, that’s 247 percent above the norm.

But like we said, we’re not done yet. However, the averages show the rest of the year is not nearly as active. In September, we normally see 5.1 tornadoes in the state, 8.8 in October, 8.2 in November, and 5 in December. These numbers are small, but not the lowest. The “quietest” month is February when we average 3 tornadoes in the whole state. But again we’re not done yet so hang on.

Prior to Imelda, the last tornado in the state was on Padre Island on July 26. The last tornado in East Texas was on June 18 in which we saw a tornado touch down in Harrison County.

As always if we see any tornadoes touch down in East Texas, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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